INEXCESS is Australia’s best INXS tribute act.

Paying tribute to one of Australia’s biggest pop / rock acts, this show performs all this hits that made INXS famous throughout the world during the Michael Hutchence era.

With a catalogue of tunes still on regular rotation on radio around the country, it’s a night of music and entertainment filled with great dance tunes that are as popular today as ever.

Nothing is spared in terms of the scale and energy of the show. It is 100% live with a six piece-backing band featuring some of Australia’s very best musicians. There is over $140,000 worth of sound and lighting equipment included making sure plenty of that ‘big show’ atmosphere is there in any venue.

The show itself runs for approximately 3 hours and can be comprised of either a 2 set INEXCESS show, or a set of pop / rock cover tunes and 1 set of the INEXCESS show, however other combinations are available if you need something to suit a certain time frame.

INEXCESS …. It’s what you need.


Guns in the Sky
Kiss the dirt
This Time
Just Keep Walking
What you need
I send a message
Elegantly Wasted
Bitter Tears
The Stairs
Shine like it does
One X One
Don’t lose your head
Stay Young
Never tear us apart

Burn for you
The Loved One
By My Side
Beautiful Girl
Dancing on the Jetty
Original Sin
Devil Inside
To look at you
Need you tonight
The One Thing
Listen Like Thieves
New Sensation
Suicide Blonde
Don’t Change
Good Times

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