The Australian Eagles Show


by The Australian Eagles Cover Version of "Seven Bridges Road"

The Australian Eagles Show

In the early 1970’s a band appeared who’s music appealed to audiences of
all ages. “The Eagles” still have timeless appeal and connects with music
lovers everywhere.
What’s your favourite Eagles song?
I’m sure we all have one!
The music of the Eagles is instantly recognisable with layers of deft
musical technique, topped with lush vocal harmonies that delivers their
unmistakable “Californian” sound the Eagles are internationally famous
This amazing musical combination is captured in all its glory by “The
Australian Eagles Show”
The Australian Eagles Show delivers the country’s most authentic
reproduction of the recorded works of the legendary, multi-platinum
selling, U.S. group The Eagles.
Performing The Eagles greatest hits from the country – tinged ‘Take It
Easy’ to the soul-drenched ‘One Of These Nights’, the hard-rocking ‘Life
In The Fast Lane’ and the stadium-anthem ‘Hotel California’. Priding
themselves on their professionalism, The Australian Eagles Show only use
state-of-the-art sound & lighting to intensify The Eagles tribute
experience & entertain audiences ranging from the casual fan to the
diehard fanatic.
The Australian Eagles Show performs with attention to detail that has to
be seen and heard to be believed. This amazing show strives in every
aspect to pay ultimate tribute to the musical mastery of a band they all
adore! In fact – if you close your eyes, you may even be fooled…..
This is a show that people of all ages will identify with and will want to
see again and again!
For more show information and details please visit our website or find us
on Facebook. We sincerely look forward to playing your venue sometime
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